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SAIK - The Album Second Souffle

SAÏK Born 19 mars 1987 in Pointe-a-Pitre (Guadeloupe}, France.

His real name is Yoann Pierre-Justin.

He's a rapper/singer/song writer of reggae, dancehall, singing in french, creole and english.

He started out his carrier as a singer at a very early age, only 12 years old.

Second Souffle is an eclectic album that bring together hiphop, rap, soca, dancehall

and French Caribbean collaborations.

This album was produced by:

G Zup Concept/Publishing.

The album SECOND SOUFFLE is available to BUY

This album include collaborations with:

JE MENE MA VIE - SAIK feat Kenza Farah, LIKE A WINNER - SAIK feat Sadek and

GIMME DI WINE - SAIK feat Young Chang MC, B!ggJ􀀁, SAIK feat. Admiral T - DANCEHALL EVOLUTION.


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